IGF-USA Principles - Draft 3

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IGF-USA Principles (Draft, v3)

The Principles that guide the activities of the IGF-USA are:

• Openness The IGF-USA is open, participative, and accessible to all without fee.

• Bottom-up The activities of the IGF-USA are based on ideas developed through open consultation.

• Multistakeholder Participation The IGF-USA is built upon open, inclusive and democratic processes, with the meaningful

participation of all stakeholders.

• Decision-making Decisions are made by broad consensus, where all opinions expressed are considered, discussed, and


• Transparency Participants, decisions, and activities at the IGF-USA, including financial matters, should be publicly


• Accountability As stewards for the IGF-USA community, the IGF-USA leadership is accountable to that community.

• Diversity and Inclusion The IGF-USA strives for diverse and inclusive participation, including people regardless of their

gender, color, age, sexual preference, gender expression, disability or specific needs, stakeholder perspective or location.