Meeting: 6/9/2016

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Scheduling Remaining meetings

David Vyorst ran through the scheduling of the remainder of meetings leading up to event

Noted conflict at 2 today due to state department obligations

Suggested that remainder of meetings roll admin and steering committee meetings together, with first 30 minutes being admin, second 30 min steering, remainder joint meeting

Thur 2-3:30 - 16th (ACT-hosted) and 23rd (AEI-hosted)

Meeting on 30th will remain undetermined based on ICANN meeting

July 6th- 2-3:30 (ACT)

Asana Update

David addressee that Asana has not been working

Shane suggested Slack

Committee agreed that moving to slack is best.

Finance Update

David informed of a good week- still short about $12000-15000

Call for volunteers to contribute or reach out to sponsors.

($2500 came in from AT&T during meeting)

Make Working Program Schedule

David called for volunteer to Make a draft working schedule

Rachel volunteered

Volunteers and logistical point person

David informed that a bunch of volunteers have been recruited logistics manager, event planning is what is needed.

Shane suggested one of her contacts for logistical management

David expressed need backup options and budget constraints.

Review Timeline to Finish

All panel description and proposed panelists submitted to Co-Chair

About halfway there, will assign a few whips to ensure completion

Plenaries and keynotes firmly decided and near finalized

Catering and reception nearing confirmation

David stated that everything needs to be done so that event registration can be sent out next week

Steve DelBianco asked about the save the date announcement that was discussed at last weeks meeting and expressed that it really needs to go out soon.

David agreed and said that one would be drafted and sent out today

Plenaries and Keynotes

David presented tentative schedule and said it need to be plugged into a template

Marilyn Cade said that she thought they had already decided that Lee rainie would be first keynote, followed by a fireside chat with Cathy Novelli and Kathy Brown, followed by lightning rounds.

David agreed

Marilyn stated that David and Shane need to present welcome message as Co-chairs - 8:30-8:40, followed by Lee- 8:40-9:00 and then transition second segment 9:00-10:30 for a fireside chat with Cathy Novelli and Kathy Brown, then into lightning round.

David stated that Larry Strickling to give keynote before ICANN/IANA Plenary panel- 3:15-4:45 if there enough time

Steve noted that 75 minutes is enough time

David asked for update on Content Moderation panel

Christian stated that there is a draft that is ready to go out and read the document

Ttitle: “Role of IG in Content Moderation”

Document was read

Marilyn said to pay attention to dynamic coalition of global igf that is focused on gender issues and hate speech

Marilyn suggested that it should be in the middle not a closing session

Michael Nelson stated that he organized a similar session last year and believed it makes more sense as a breakout due to the potentially narrow scope of hate speech

Marilyin reiterated the issue about hate speech growing at igf- there is a dynamic coalition, people can sign up for, suggested that there should be linkage.

Marilyn agreed that it should be a breakout.

David stated that the panel is bigger than hate speech, it is about who controls content and how

Shane reiterated that it should not be plenary session and should be a breakout.

Marilyn stated that people should be able to volunteer to come and see who shows up

Jonathan Zuck asked what constitutes the worthiness of plenary

There should be work done around a subject before it becomes a plenary, meaning it should be beyond groundwork stages

Michael Nelson stated that last year only 25-30 people attended

Jonathan stated that he did not agree with marilyn’s point about not having work around the subject, but understands anticipated attendance as criteria

Jonathan stated that he was clarifying what the criteria for which determining the plenary that fills the open slot.

Michael suggested that focuses on hate speech could limit interest

Garland McCoy suggested that fragmentation affects everyone and would likely generate interest

Steve expressed concern about conflating fragmentationwith content moderation on globally accessible mediums.

Garland stated that he was not conflating, but that fragmentation still leads into censorship and moderation issues

Marilyn suggested that we think about what a highly interesting closing session would be.

Marilyn stated that even in igf there is agreement that they are not ready for this as a main session, because it is still in the groundwork stage

David expressed two thoughts

Likes the issue as a topic, but does not parallel IGF

But it does brings in new and interesting topic

It was suggested that that final panel be a status on what has been worked on throughout the day

Stated that it could be lightning round of summaries of panels

Michael said that he saw the value in presenting highlights for people, but suggested that the theme should be  internet dreams and nightmares, where presenters bring up most exciting and most frightening issues from each panel

Marilyn agree that it was a good idea, but argued that the language should be changed to eliminate language of dream/nightmare

David stated that he thinks that we need to focus on key takeaways and the final session will be highlights of panels and plenaries

Mike stressed the importance of presenting a session that will get people to stay

Shane said that the social event would do that

Panel Reviews

Panel #1 - Improving Access

Ritu stated that they had a conversation this morning, final report should be in tomorrow afternoon

MC wanted to confirm that panel organizing group is diverse in terms of stakeholders

Panel #2 - HR

Jonathan said that they had a call yesterday and they were making some  changes to panel description.

Stated it should be finalized today and finalized invitation should be sent out tomorrow

Marilyn Cade suggested an iraqi speaker based in the US

Jonathan communicated that there would be international perspective and will be emphasizing the effects being felt at home.

Panel #3 - Privacy v Security

David read the proposal that had been sent in, with a long list of proposed panelist

Marilyn Cade stated that the proposal seemed like a full day event and was concerned that there were no business speakers.

Marilyn further expressed that the organizers presented a really great platform, but wanted them to understand what is feasible and thought the invitations to Senators were ambitious and needed fall backs.

Mike asked if the proposed panelists were senators or senate staff

Shane stated that this should be an opportunity to suggest adding business, but not micromanaging, let them manage it themselves.

Jonathan stressed that they should have a backup plan in case some of the high level speakers are unable to make it.

David confirmed that it is senate staff not Senators that were proposed

Marilyn wanted to clarify that they know they have only 90 minutes

David answered yes

Panel #4

David stated that they are adding members to the panel team to steer it more toward technical access for people in the United States

Call tomorrow

Marilyn Cade asked that they include garland and judith to ensure they are not overlapping

David assured that Judith and garland had been consulted

Stated that they would have panelists by next wednesday

Panel #5

Michael stated that they had not had a phone call, but work had been done over email

Panel#6 - Trade Transparency

It was announced that this panel is ready to go.

David said that he will send template to Ritu for the draft schedule

Marilyn confirmed that she would call cathy novelli

David will contact kathy brown,

Elon was unable to commit to helping with the  video - imagining the internet

Jenna stated that they cannot confirm that they can do anything due to uncertainties about capacity. They would like to help and might be able to but can’t make any promises.

Marilyn expressed that we should acknowledge the benefit of Elon University contribution and asked if their could be an Elon presence at reception

Jenna stated that when there is a reception the team is working, but that some would be finished with work, so there should be presence from Elon at reception

Marilyn Cade offered to post anything that is done to the mag list.

David proposed that summary of key messages are delivered by end of day for preparation of  final session

Mike clarified that this would not be a full report

David stated that it would just be key takeaways

Marilyn suggested that 3-5 key messages be submitted before panel

Mike stated that some of the most important messages arise organically during a debate

Garland reiterated the importance of save the date

Marilyn stated that global IGF panels are required to submit report with application

Joly said that he can create livestream subscription to go out at

David stated that they have reached out to comms departments to spread word

Michael asked about need for organizational partners

David stated that Melanie Peganos is working on it and will be shared on slack.

Jonathan asked when we need to find logistics coordinator and volunteer coordinator

David stated that priority should be on logistics coordinator, but should have both

Meeting adjourned