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Timestamp2019-01-28 8:38:05 AM
Namexxxxx xxxxxxxx
SGCivil Society / Academia
SubmissionAI, blockchain, AR/VR, and more global access were among the emerging technologies mentioned in the Global IGF 2018-Paris video survey.
CommentsNearly 150 attendees at Global IGF 2018-Paris spoke in video interviews on which new digital technologies will create the best opportunities for a better world for all over the next decade. The responses are displayed on the Imagining the Internet site; and you can also view the video responses in a YouTube playlist here: Responses by far the most-mentioned were AI, blockchain and more access. While the Internet of Things, VR and others were mentioned by some, many were looking forward to developments in AI and Blockchain and to promoting more access to the internet to more people globally.
Issue_AreasAI · Access · Blockchain · IoT