2019 Submission 56

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Timestamp: 2019/02/11 11:18:43 AM
Email Address: xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
Name: xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Stakeholder Group: None / Other
The desirability of creating new user-driven ecosystems, founded on trust and accountability, to overlay the current platform-centric Web.
The GLIAnet Project aims to build a trustworthy Web ecosystem, by using targeted market interventions to re-balance the existing user-platform dynamic. The project website is www.glia.net. A short overview can be found in a recent Fast Company piece, https://www.fastcompany.com/90293980/to-fix-the-web-give-it-back-to-the-users. Draft of a summary white paper is also available upon request. Topics for discussion at IGF-USA 2019 could include: the need for more trust, support, and accountability in the open Web; the pros and cons of using "countermediaries" as a bridge between users and online platforms/the Web; applying common law principles of fiduciary obligations to countermediaries; and mapping the ecosystem of technologies that users can employ as autonomy-enhancing tools.
Issue Areas: Trust, Alternative Tech