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The IGF-USA Wiki is the home of current and historical information on the IGF-USA. It also serves as a collaborative platform for planning within the community and is open to all members of the IGF-USA community.


  • Openness - The wiki is open to contributions from all members of the IGF-USA community and the information on the wiki is open to everyone.
  • Relevant Information - Any information that is posted should fall into one of categories listed below.
  • Standards of behavior - The standards of behavior on this wiki are consistent with the code of conduct for the IGF-USA.

Types of Content

  • Organizational Documents - annual budgets, donor lists, organizational structure and principles documents, and any relevant public comments.
  • Meeting Archives - Agendas, minutes and videos for planning meetings from the current and previous planning cycles when available.
  • Conference Coordination - Information related to the planning of each year's conference, including archives of previous years.
  • Other - Information outside the aforementioned categories that is determined by the community to be relevant to the operation and/or history of the IGF-USA.