Call for Topics 2019 - DNS and Public Core

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Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
2019-02-11 9:16:08 AM 2019 Submission 49 DNS Hijacking DNS Consider the following: The bottom line here is that it's time for an upgrade of security employed to protect domain name registrations. Even DNSSEC is weakened by this category of failure. At least "important" domain names should consider registration security requirements. Technical Community
2019-02-11 9:25:40 AM 2019 Submission 52 IDN Homographic Attacks DNS Consider the following: That presentation is somewhat technical but the concern is easily motivated and described. We need better user tools and applications that account for this directly, and they are possible. This is a universal acceptance issue. Technical Community
2019-02-11 3:00:45 PM 2019 Submission 67 Weighing Security & Privacy Issues In Debate on DNS over HTTPS DNS Mozilla, CloudFlare, Tucows, British Telecom, and PowerDNS would be examples of great candidates to discuss this important issue, and I'd be happy to help pull something like this together. Private Sector
2019-02-11 3:04:56 PM 2019 Submission 68 What has the Internet community learned from a year+ without open WHOIS? What other avenues should be explored? DNS The digital world should not unduly expose anyone to threats against their physical or economic safety. Digital trust and security in online transactions requires the transparent identification of providers of goods and services and a means of contacting them. The debate continues surrounding the appropriate level of information gathering and access related to the Registrants Directory Serviced known as WHOIS. How close are we to access? Private Sector
2019-02-08 5:30:37 PM 2019 Submission 42 Principles Underpinning Norms for Cyberstability Public Core As part of its mission the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC, is documenting a set of principles that guide stakeholders in achieving cyber stability and that are the foundation for norms proposed by the commission. Norms such as "the Call to Protect the Public Core of the Internet" (, and those published in the 'Singapore Norm Package"( . During this session, members of the GCSC want to engage in a conversation with the US IGF community in order to inform their work. Technical Community