Call for Topics 2019 - Trust

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Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
2019-01-28 7:54:02 PM 2019 Submission 5 1) Impact of Culture & Language on Internet UX, architecture, and business opportunities 2) The need and importance of Authenticationf Trust 1) Culture and Language: How do these things impact what people want from the Internet and how Internet-centered businesses best deliver Internet experiences to the end-user? (Submitted last year resubmitting this year.) 2) Last year, trust was spoken about as a problem throughout the panel sessions, but the best possible solution is authentication. Can authentication (i.e., handshakes, access management, identities, verification of information, etc.) How can authentication be improved to provide better cybersecurity, functionality, data persistence, and help fight social problems (i.e., crime, fake news, psychological disorders etc.) arriving from the lack Authenticity. Civil Society / Academia
2019-02-04 8:32:58 PM 2019 Submission 24 Building global Trust in the Multistakeholder process by exemplary balance. Trust Does it require a profound Accountability mechanism to promote Trust in the Multistakeholder process? Civil Society / Academia
2019-02-07 4:46:34 PM 2019 Submission 40 Disinformation, misinformation, fake information and its affect on trust in the online world - personal and economic life Trust Private Sector
2019-02-11 11:18:43 AM 2019 Submission 56 The desirability of creating new user-driven ecosystems, founded on trust and accountability, to overlay the current platform-centric Web. Trust The GLIAnet Project aims to build a trustworthy Web ecosystem, by using targeted market interventions to re-balance the existing user-platform dynamic. The project website is A short overview can be found in a recent Fast Company piece, Draft of a summary white paper is also available upon request. Topics for discussion at IGF-USA 2019 could include: the need for more trust, support, and accountability in the open Web; the pros and cons of using "countermediaries" as a bridge between users and online platforms/the Web; applying common law principles of fiduciary obligations to countermediaries; and mapping the ecosystem of technologies that users can employ as autonomy-enhancing tools. None / Other
2019-02-11 3:04:56 PM 2019 Submission 68 What has the Internet community learned from a year+ without open WHOIS? What other avenues should be explored? Trust The digital world should not unduly expose anyone to threats against their physical or economic safety. Digital trust and security in online transactions requires the transparent identification of providers of goods and services and a means of contacting them. The debate continues surrounding the appropriate level of information gathering and access related to the Registrants Directory Serviced known as WHOIS. How close are we to access? Private Sector