Panel Subject 2019: 5G enabling tech innovation

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This page is for coordination among the panel team to openly discuss the topics that will be covered under the subject of the "Artificial Intelligence" The page includes the relevant survey results, Panel Guidelines and a section for the panel team to discuss in the comments.

Important Links

Important Links
Collaborative Planning Document
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Panel Guidelines

Panel teams should use this process to discuss the panel and get as close as possible to consensus on the following items by April 17.

  • Decide on a concrete subject for the panel based upon discussion and rough consensus. The subject and process should take into account:
    • The IGF-USA Principles
    • The working title, working description and related submissions. See Below
  • Assign team leader(s) and a representative to interface with the steering committee and provide ongoing up to date information to the wrangler and secretariat.

Survey Topic

Working Title: The impact of 5G on current and emerging technologies

Working Description: 5G will have the capability to upgrade current bandwidth constraints using a combination of wireless and wireline connections that will allow more devices to be connected using faster data downloads and upload speeds, wider coverage, more stable connections, and less latency over shorter physical distances. This will allow for connections with near zero latency and allow for more connected devices on the same frequencies. This could mean major enhancements for health care applications, industrial equipment, self-driving cars, smart cities, and connected devices. 5G will enhance mobility, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Command technologies, real-time data analytics that will create the next generation digital transformation.

Related Submissions

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Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
Timestamp Submission Number Submission Issue Areas Comments SG
2019-02-04 2:16:21 PM 2019 Submission 21 Disinformation/Misinformation and Democracy, National Data Privacy Law Framework, Future of Online News, Broadband and 5G Access/Equality 5G Civil Society / Academia