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Survey Results | Guidelines | Updates | Discussion
This page is for coordination among the panel team to openly discuss the topics that will be covered under the subject of the "Competition" The page includes the relevant survey results, Panel Guidelines and a section for the panel team to discuss in the comments.



Team Lead(s) - April 25

On-going Conversation Google Docs:

Important Links
Collaborative Planning Document
Panel Team
Join the Team

Survey Results


Panel teams should use this process to discuss the panel and get as close as possible to consensus on the following items by April 11.

  • Identify a concrete subject for the panel based upon discussion and rough consensus. The subject and process must take into account the IGF-USA Principles, and the survey response topics that the subject is based upon.
  • Panel teams should also consult the Topics Suggested under Other during the survey, especially comments that relates directly to a topic that performed well on the survey.
  • Assign team leader(s) and a representative to interface with the steering committee and provide ongoing up to date information to secretariat.


Team Lead(s) - April 25

  • Jesse Blumenthal
  • Gus Rossi

Draft Panel Description - May 2


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