The Futures of Work: How Will the Internet Change My Job?

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A discussion of four potential internet governance scenarios and how they would impact the future of work. The scenarios, titled “Techlash”, “Wide Open”, “Close to Home”, and “Rules for Innovation” will outline the government’s response changes in the economy as a result of recent technological advancements. Four discussion catalysts will help the audience break down these scenarios, discussing which is preferable and how they will impact the world of work.

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A scenario-based discussion of the various potential "futures" where new technologies impact how people work and make a living.

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Jonathan Zuck

Innovators Network Foundation

Jonathan Zuck is the Executive Director of the Innovators Network Foundation ( a 501c(3) focused on issues surrounding global unemployment and workforce development. Prior to that Jonathan was the President of ACT|The App Association (, representing app makers to policy makers. A popular speaker, Jonathan has been asked to speak on technology policy issues at conferences and before legislatures around the world, particularly on intellectual property and internet governance. A former software developer, Jonathan brings a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and government. Finally, Jonathan is an award winning photographer and filmmaker whose work can be found here:
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